I made the promise: I won’t be late

How should I know, I’d be stopped by Nate?

I felt certain it was fate,

I gave him my time, agreed to a date

But when he dropped to one knee, I said, “wait!”

I wasn’t ready, I ran to the gate

Then he chased me, all the way to the fete

I told him his love, I couldn’t sate

Then gave him a hotdog; escaped while he ate

You were waiting, along with your mate

I was afraid you’d be in a bate

But you just smiled, and then said, “Kate,

you’re someone I could never hate,”

I started to smile, and had to state,

“I feel the same – at this rate

we’ll end up together, don’t you relate?”

You shook your head, I was afraid you’d berate,

Then you looked at me, I saw your pupils dilate;

overwhelming emotion spilled out in a spate

and my heartbeat lifted; I was elate

with knowing I didn’t have to await

the confession around which you’d always skate;

At last, you began, “You’re really great -”

Patience worn thin, I interrupted, irate,

“If you’re turning me down, you can tell it to me straight.”

You raised a brow, used a grin to abate

the tension I had managed to create;

“All right, seems fair, I’ll give you the update:

I love you, Kate, even if you were late, so let’s start afresh on a brand new slate –

that is, if your heart, you can locate.”

I felt as if I’d been crushed by a crate;

low self-esteem was my trademark trait

I hadn’t expected him to lift the weight

and truly put his feelings out on a plate.

I looked at him, and said at last, “You know, Tate,

I’m so glad, though I was late, that we came to this fete, even if it was to congregate.”

A/N:I had a lot of fun with this one: it’s incredibly silly, I just wanted to see how many words that rhymed with “congregate” I could fit into a poem – it turns out there are a lot more rhymes than I expected!

via Daily Prompt: Congregate

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