I Met My Soulmate

I met my soulmate

once upon a time ago;

If I had known that it was fate,

I would never have let him go


We wanted first to be together

but the miles stretched too great;

We could meet in person – never,

though texted at the fastest rate


I began to fall for him

and he too fell for me,

But we threw love in the bin

not knowing what we could be


We both felt the regret

at agreeing to be “just a friend”

I wished we had never met,

for we knew this was the end


Our spirit died

and we lost touch

But we’d both lied

that “friends” would be too much


We should have fought,

at the very least, tried,

For such connection can’t be bought –

Ashamed, we fell to pride


Years later, I remember him;

I know now it was fate.

It was not a passing whim

when I thought he was my soulmate


Now, I’m just the girl who said

“Goodbye,” out of fear

Now, I’ve made my bed:

I don’t deserve to shed a tear.

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