Provoking Skye

He looks at me with shining eyes;

pale and pretty and blue,

like the sky we named him after.


But storms can wreck the blue:

with the onslaught of thunder

come the clouds, dark and fierce


My Skye would never hurt me,

he loves me more than that

But he is a dog, an animal –


like the sky, he can be wild too.

Back down when he bares his teeth,

Submit when he snaps his jaws,


he would never hurt me, but

I would never push him.

Lightning can provoke the sky;


Disrespect provokes my Skye,

It has to be remembered that

to love is to respect.


About This Poem:

Skye is one of my two Shelties and I love him more than most humans (though maybe not more than my other Sheltie, Hazel). He’s incredibly sweet and affectionate; the only time he ever shows his teeth is when we attempt to brush him, which he absolutely hates! He’s never tried to actually bite us but we always back down when he warns us away, which is what inspired this poem.

The prompt started me thinking about how everyone has a breaking point, humans and animals alike. Skye’s is being brushed but we haven’t found Hazel’s (and hopefully we never will), but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have one. It can be all to easy to provoke someone, accidentally or not, but it’s worth remembering that loving someone isn’t just about showering them with affection – it’s also about respecting their boundaries.


via Daily Prompt: Provoke

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