He’s clever. With a quick wit and a sharp mind, there are few situations he’s not in control of.

If he likes you, he’ll reel you in with playful ease and hook you with kind words when you most need to hear them.

If he doesn’t like you, he’ll turn everything you say around, twisting your meaning until even you don’t quite know what you’re saying – you’ll have to retreat because suddenly even you aren’t sure of what you mean.

But he never overtly argues, and always avoids direct confrontation. He diffuses tension with a silver tongue and somehow, it’s hard to hate him.

It’s evil. Genius, but evil. You’re either wrapped around his finger or trapped under his thumb – or maybe, there’s no difference, because either way, he keeps the balls in his court.


I’m stubborn. When I pick a side, I stick to it even if I realise I’m wrong, or want to change my mind.

When I realised he liked me, my heart began to glow. He has a way of making you feel special, making you feel like you’re the only girl in his phone.

But I was never going to give him what he really wanted. That’s not who I am, and I told him so.

He tried to wear me down. I lost count of all the conversations, the playful banter and more serious discussions going back and fourth about having a relationship.

But, before I knew it, his magic had begun to work. I wanted his eyes to shine only at me, I wanted his hands to touch only mine. He was just the right amount of sweetness to just the right amount of darkness; he was intoxicating and he was corroding my defences.

All, but one.

My stubbornness.

I wanted him to be mine, but my stubborn heart knew better. I was one of a hundred girls texting him every night. I wasn’t “special”.

Except, I was. Because guys like him don’t waste time on girls like me. Eventually they give up and move on to the next one. But he wasn’t giving up, even after months of rejection.

While he had been trying to wear down my defences, I had unintentionally been wearing down his.

I had fallen in love with him. And he had fallen for me.


In the end, my stubbornness was just too much.

Or maybe, his cleverness was not enough.

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