I Came Upon a Cross

I came upon a cross today

hanging in a church

It cast a shadow on the ground

underneath an arch

Through a stained-glass window shone

light dappling the ground

Around the edges of the cross

projected blood was found


Outside, a graveyard stretched a mile

with headstones carved to last

Each one a different story tells

of a life now past

But none as striking as the sign

famous far and wide

Which marks the death of the one

who lived although He died


Scorned and beaten though He was,

mocked by those He came to save

With on His head a crown of thorns

He went to His new grave

All alone without a friend

He suffered in the dark

He died a death so horrible

it left an everlasting mark


The sunlight bled onto the floor

while the past I did recall

The shadow framed in darkest red

showed how far he had to fall

My pain is His

but His not mine

He gave His love

eternally divine


Wind began to blow my thoughts

as if I was in the wrong

It’s just a shadow on the ground

that grew too quickly long

Moonlight pushed the sun aside

while I dwelled upon the day

It would be a thoughtless choice

to turn and walk away

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