Looking Back (the ghost in the mirror)

Looking back I see a wink,

in the sheen of the mirror;

the lost soul of a girl

whose cheeks are cracked through;

She was the girl you came across

many years ago,

Your heart throbbed with sorrow, so

you reached out to save her

It took time for her to even

notice your attempts

But when she did

her face once more broke –

into a smile,

the first in a while

She relished in your soothing voice,

blossomed at your touch,

Once a rose on Winter’s eve,

Now a rose all summer-kiss’d,

You put the red back in her cheeks,

stitched her skin all back together,

‘Til at last she was the girl

with you shining in her eyes.


The ghostly girl from way back then

gave to you a lot

She wanted you to be the first

to have her body and her heart,

for her heart had never beat for any boy so strong;

her radiance out-shined even you;

her light was stronger, her shine stretched further,

than ever you could have dreamed

When once more in need was she,

no-where to be found were you,

Intimidated by her glow,

You sought shelter underground

She spread her roots,

sucked more nutrients,

and her confidence grew

‘Til him she saw

and him she chose,

and to him she gave

The only thing you did not take when you had the chance.

‘Twas he she loved,

first truly loved,

Because he loved her so


in a way you never could have loved her, though.


All this you watched

from far afar,

a grimace on your face

She was yours,

but yours no more.

You’re partially to blame

If you’d been strong,

If you’d held on,

your heart would be the one to which hers beat along

She loved you first,

you know,

She wanted you to love her;

If you’d stepped up,

O if you’d stepped up,

You’d be the man standing at her side

But stuck as a boy,


you can now only look back

Into the mirror,

you see a ghost,

pale and full of cracks,

You’re broken now

You’ve lost your light


And though I am as happy as I could possibly be

I still look back sometimes, and see your eyes gazing back at me.


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